Are you wondering if you are fast enough to swim with our club? 
We typically break down lanes by 3 speed categories. Fit tech, Middle and Endurance distance.

Fit tech usually completes sets of 100m in 1m50sec and then would rest for 25-40seconds, turning the sets over on 2m30sec

Middle would normally complete a 100m swim in 1m45sec and rest 15-30sec. A 2m15sec turnover.

Endurance has the greatest variability in speed so depending on who shows up, and the number of lanes we have that night, the lane can be broken down further. Endurance group 100's are typically completed from 1m15sec-1min30sec and the turnover varies from 2min to 1min45sec.

Read these master swimmer profiles to help decide if this club is right for you.

Kyle Avery
Born: 1985
Joined HCMSC: 2009
Biography: I originally joined the club to help my swimming in Triathlon. When I joined I was one of the slowest middle distance swimmers. Within two years I moved up to the endurance lane where I have been challenged by my lane mates ever since. I even qualified for and competed at  the FINA World Masters in 2014 and made many friends along the way.  I still compete in Triathlon in the summer but I now consider it secondary to my masters swimming. Joining a swim club is one of the best decisions I have ever made, particularly this one.